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We are manufacturers of anatomic insoles, type 'Bio' for sandals, in cork-rubber compound and insoles for fashion sandals with its corresponding PU and/or TR soles.


Our firm was established in 1962 and our activity is the manufacturing of anatomic insoles for all types of footwear.

Made of in cork/rubber compound in different densities. We also make insoles, type 'Bio', in soft or hard versions, lined with different kinds of materials, like cow split, pig skin, textiles or a combination thereof with or without massage dots in different widths for sandals and comfort shoes, but also for fashion footwear.

We also produce TR soles for children and are co-operating with different manufacturers of PU and TR soles, which sell their soles and we our corresponding insoles.

Apart of working in our home market, we sell 75% of our production, amounting to about 15000 pairs daily, abroad, mainly through our own commercial organization in Italy, Germany, France, SouthAfrica, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.


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